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Birkwood Joints Cabinet Makers in Scotland
The Birkwood Experience

Out of all the places that you could go to choose your new kitchen, you might find that the experience here at Birkwood is a little different to the norm. We are first and foremost a cabinet making workshop and as such we don’t have a lavish showroom with besuited sales staff ready to draw up a new kitchen for you there and then.

Birkwood Joints Cabinet Makers in Scotland
Birkwood Joints

We’re quite proud of our plywood jointing techniques, you won’t see any standard Butt Joints in our cabinets. There is no more basic wood joinery than a butt joint. A butt joint is nothing more than one piece of wood butting into another, usually at a right angle. The butt joint is an easy joint to assemble, but the problem is that it's a pretty weak joint since it's often just glued together using a small surface area. We prefer to see these joints used in wall framing on construction sites rather than in cabinet-making, as can be seen in some other plywood kitchens and furniture

Birkwood Colour Cabinet Makers in Scotland
Bringing colour to life

Our clients tell us the most enjoyable yet hardest parts of planning their kitchen is the final colour selection. Perhaps there’s far too much choice, but it’s good to have so many hues at our disposal, it keeps things unique. Colour choice and placement is ultimately your decision, though we will guide you.

Birkwood Plywood Cabinet Makers in Scotland
Plywood? What, that rough, nasty stuff?

Plywood is frequently associated with chipboard as a low-cost, rough and imperfect substitute for chunky, solid timber. However plywood is in fact a genuine wood product, made by layering together thin sheets of birch veneer.

Birkwood Worktops Cabinet Makers in Scotland
Worktops – how do you choose?

As a bespoke kitchen company, we can offer a huge range of modern kitchen worktops, including plywood/Formica, composite stone, marble, granite, wood, stainless steel and polished concrete.

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